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School Management And Leadership

Ten years ago, the concept of leadership was not applied into school education in India. Today it is recognized that school management and leadership are crucial in the context of examination reforms. The structural and procedural reforms in examination are essential for developing and building strong India. School management and leadership is a subject of contemporary importance in the field of Indian school education. Modern management and leadership practices and efficiencies are applied into school administration in the back drop of the daunting challenge of grounding examination reforms: Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

School administration / management will be based on tangible and measurable competencies that are applied to administer multifarious programs of the school and to manage school stake holders.

School Leadership goes beyond administration / management. Leadership rests on less tangible and less measurable aspects and qualities. These include positive attitude, ability to inspire and motivate, trustworthiness, and personal character / ethics. School leadership focuses developing vision and values for the institution. The leadership concentrates on personal and professional conviction and belief for cause and aims of education.

Effective school managers and leaders understand relationships within the institution, with external systems and networks. This is made possible by professional experience, personal and professional expertise and by following one’s intuition. Good school leaders and managers recognize and understand the importance of incentives such as appreciation and encouragement for students and faculty.