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Functional Areas
Every school has various departments, each of which performs a specific task or function. Functional Areas refer to the grouping of functions, activities or processes to carry out particular school functions.
The main purpose of functional areas is to ensure that all important school activities are carried out efficiently. This is essential for smooth functioning of the school, and to achieve its aims and objectives.

Functional Area I: Academic Administration
This functional area focuses on effective administration of School Academic Programs and includes:
  • School Academic Plan
  • Institutional philosophy and values
  • Class Room Facilitation
  • School Based Assessment and Evaluation (SBAE) – CCE - FA and SA
  • School Co-scholastic and Pathway Setting Events

Functional Area II: School Administration:
This functional area is related to efficient administrative aspect of the school operations with focus on:
  • Statutory Processes
  • School operations
  • Admission policy
  • School assets

Functional Area III: Human Resource:
This functional area focuses on faculty and administrative, office staff details and issues. This FA deals with the following areas:
  • Recruitment Policy – CBSE compliance
  • Service Rules
  • Orientation and training
  • Staff appraisals
  • Exit interviews

Functional Area IV: Finance:
Areas and function covered under this FA include:
  • Institutional finance / expense monitoring processes and issues Functional Area wise.
  • Finance allocation policy
  • Discounts, fee waiver, scholarships
  • Admissions -Readmissions accounting policy
  • Funds application and expenditure incurred for each Functional Area
  • Audit for each Functional Area

Functional Area V: Marketing:
This area of school functioning is required for informing and influencing target parent population to visit school, seek admission for their wards and support school in network building.
  • School Committees for CBSE compliance
  • Brochures / Marketing Materials Planning
  • ICT – Website Building
  • Advocacy – FAQs

Functional Area VI: Infra Management:
This FA deals with infrastructure requirement for enabling efficient instruction and administration of institution to the targeted price point. This includes the building maintenance and school aides for cleaning the infra.
  • School building asset
  • Physical Asset Management
  • Service Management with Local Self Help Groups (SHG)

Functional Area VII: Transport / Fleet Management
The FA focuses on buying and maintenance of buses, hiring and training drivers and bus aides, efficient fuel management.
  • School bus asset
  • Purchase and maintenance of school fleet
  • Hiring and training bus drivers and bus aides
  • Good driving practices – speed governors, efficient fuel management, safety and security of students etc.