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  • CCE reforms were implemented by CBSE in 2009.
  • Areas of reform:
    1. Scheme of studies - Scholastic and co-scholastic
    2. School terms- II Terms
      • Term I: April to September
      • Term II: October to March
    3. Examination system
      • The year long assessment of the performance and achievement of the learner is taken into consideration for promotion to the next class
      • A measure of the performance during learning through Formative Assessment
      • End of the term test of learning – to measure what and how much has been learnt over the term through Summative Assessment
    4. Classroom facilitation
      • Activity Based Teaching (ABT) and Project Based Learning (PBL) are the most prominent changes in classroom interaction.
      • A large majority of syllabus is covered by making the students work in groups, pairs and individually as well.
      • Teaching and testing goes hand in hand through Formative Assessment which is spread over the whole session.
      • ICT skills are integrated into classroom instruction delivery and learning approach